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Thermocouple, RTD/PT100 & Thermowell
Model RM and RH Resistance Temperature Sensors (RTSs)
have a platinum resistance element (Pt 100 or 50) in a
metallic protection tube or thermowell which is joined to a
terminal box.

The Model RM uses a drawn protection tube. Versions are
available for pipe threads mounting or mounting by a fixed
or movable flange. The Model RM is most widely used for
general processes.

Model RH uses a thermowell - straight or tapered tubes are
available - and fixed flange or pipe threads mounting. Since
the Model RH RTS is much stronger than the Model RM, it
is suitable for use in high-pressure processes.
The operating temperature range depends on the resistance
element; -200 to +100 C, 0 to +300 C or 0 to +500 C.
The Model RM-00 is the resistance element and lead-wires

These RTSs conform to JIS standards. RTSs conforming to
IEC or DIN standards are also available to order.
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